All students requiring a Student Visa must register on a full-time course i.e. minimum five classes per week or 15 hours per week. This study must be during the daytime, not evenings. Students are advised to pay all or a substantial part of the tuition fees in order to convince the Visa Officer that they are serious students.

The School will provide visa support for all students intending to study on a full-time basis. We will issue a Certificate of Registration and a Visa Letter upon receipt of the non-refundable registration fee of £ 80 and the full course fee. Students will be required to show the Certificate of Registration and Visa Letter to the Visa Officer at their local British Embassy or Consulate. The Certificate of Registration will mention the fees a student has paid and the duration of the course.

If an application for a visa is denied, the School will refund all payments less the £ 80 registration fee upon receipt of a letter from the Visa Officer explaining the reason for denial.

The School recommends each student to gain independent advice on visa requirements and immigration from the local British Embassy or Consulate prior to registration.

Visa Guidelines

Show you are a serious student by enrolling for a substantial period of time e.g. 12 weeks or more.

Demonstrate that you have studied English for a significant period of time in your home country.

You should have a place to stay in London and be able to provide a name and address as well as telephone number.

Have proof that you have sufficient money to live during the period that you will be living in London.

Be prepared to demonstrate that you have a clear plan and intention to return to your home country.

Be prepared to explain how learning English will help you with your job, career or personal life.

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